Rob Adcock (BBC Introducing from Stoke)

Rob Adcock is the presenter of BBC Introducing in Stoke. He also does some work for Radio 1, does voiceover work, manages a comedian and has a social media company.

Be really brutally honest with yourself about what you are doing that is different to other people in your lane... who are the people you're up against? Who are the people in the same lane as you? And what can you do to be different to them? – Rob Adcock

This week’s guest is Rob Adcock from BBC Introducing from Stoke. He took over the show over ten years ago and has developed it to be a really amazing platform for musicians in Staffordshire and Cheshire.

Rob also does some work for Radio 1, does voiceover work and has a social media company so he’s a busy guy and I’m really grateful to him for taking some time out to talk to me. 

As usual, links are in the show notes. But I wanted to highlight the podcast that Rob made last year for BBC Introducing called ‘Does My Music Suck?” where he talked to some of the music industry’s top brass like Jamie Oborne from Dirty Hit, Stuart Camp, Ed Sheeran’s manager, Emma Banks from talent agents CAA and more across 7 episodes.

So, do go and check that out once you’ve listened to this episode with Rob Adcock.

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