Bree Noble (Music Business Coach)

Bree Noble is a music business coach and creator of Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast, Female Musician Academy and Women of Substance Radio.

We need to educate our fans. We cannot assume that they know what to do and why they should do it. So, sending emails or making posts just saying "Go follow me on Spotify"... They're not gonna understand why that's important. ā€“ Bree Noble
This week Iā€™m speaking to Bree Noble. I first came across Bree through the Profitable Musician Summit which is an online music conference aimed at providing step by step advice that artists can use to make a sustainable living from music.

Bree teaches independent female artists how to build successful music careers via the Female Musician Academy and hosts the Women Of Substance radio station and podcast which was launched in 2007 to promote quality female indie artists.

Bree is also running a free workshop on releasing music called Rock Your Next Release.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Bree Noble. 

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