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Bree Noble (Music Business Coach)

Bree Noble is a music business coach and creator of Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast, Female Musician Academy and Women of Substance Radio.

Christopher Carvalho (Unlock Your Sound)

Christopher Carvalho an artist manager and founder of Unlock Your Sound. Chris’s background is in audio engineering but in 2016 he set up Unlock Your Sound to offer bespoke artist services including management, marketing and promotion.

Ella Gregg (321 Artists)

Ella Gregg is the founder of the artist management & development platform 321 Artists. She started managing artists when she was only 18 and also coaches and mentors both artists and aspiring artist managers.

Rob Adcock (BBC Introducing from Stoke)

Rob Adcock is the presenter of BBC Introducing in Stoke. He also does some work for Radio 1, does voiceover work, manages a comedian and has a social media company.

Rob Hirst (Fans For Bands)

Rob Hirst is from Fans for Bands, a PR, playlist pitching and social media company. He is also the founder of These Bloody Thieves an independent record label based in Sheffield.

Jo Lowes (Puffer Fish Press)

Jo Lowes is the founder of Puffer Fish Press. They are a starter-level press, PR and radio plugging company for emerging bands who want to take their music to a wider audience. Jo has secured national, regional and online radio for the artists she works with as well as press features in Classic Rock, Louder Than War, The Guardian and the NME.

Ross Barber-Smith (Electric Kiwi)

Ross Barber-Smith is a web designer, music lover and awesomeness aspirer. He designs and builds websites for musicians and is the founder and co-host of Bridge The Atlantic, a music industry podcast.

Andy Gannon (Bad Love)

Andy Gannon is the frontman, songwriter and producer in alt-pop band Bad Love. He is also a producer and has worked on records for Robbie Williams, Skinny Lister, Rudimental and Clean Bandit.

Frank Wilkes (Kycker)

Frank Wilkes is Founder & CEO at Kycker – an artist development platform that offers digital distribution, royalty collection and industry opportunities such as showcases and sync placements.

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers is a writer, musician, programmer and entrepreneur who is perhaps best known for being the founder and former president of CD Baby. I am honoured to have him as the first guest on the Indie Music Marketing podcast.

What music marketing works for independent artists?

It’s really easy to be super busy with all the tools that are available to artists nowadays. What’s difficult is being productive and learning how & where to spend your time & energy on the right things that are going to make a difference to your career.

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