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For the last few years, the fastest growth in the global recorded music market has been seen from independent self-releasing artists. Or artists without a record label.

If you include independent record labels, then the music industry’s independent sector as a whole is larger than any of the three major record labels.

Nowadays, there are more and more stories of artists finding huge success without a label at all and the opportunities for independent artists to market their music, grow a following and build a business have arguably never been better.

It’s really easy to be super busy with all the tools that are available to artists nowadays. What’s difficult is being productive and learning how & where to spend your time & energy on the right things that are going to make a difference to your career.

My name is Rich Hearn and I am a music marketer and artist manager. I want to invite you into an ongoing conversation that I’m having around marketing for independent artists.

About me

Rich Hearn lives in Staffordshire, England. He's been involved in music management since 2018 and has been helping independent artists with music marketing since 2010.

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